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At Reflex Printed Plastics we are positively passionate about printing plastics, and indeed consider ourselves specialist plastic surgeons.

Based just outside Tunbridge Wells in the Kent countryside, with modern, purpose-built premises, housing the latest pre-press, printing and finishing machinery, we can handle your project from concept to completion.

But itís not just what we do, itís the way we do it - with care!  We like to begin each project with a consultation, enabling us to fully understand the nature of the product, including where and how it will be used.

Hot off the Press!!
'Reflex have invested in a state of the art Digital Machine'
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Reflex Printed Plastics are based in the Kent countryside, with modern, purpose-built premises, housing the latest pre-press, printing and finishing machineryPlastic Printing

Plastic printing is specialised, and we want your project to be a success.

There are many considerations to be worked through in both the design and production stages. We like to form strong, mutually beneficial working partnerships with our Ďpatientsí, so that we understand your requirements and expectations completely.

We print with flair, imagination and professionalism so that printed plastic becomes a powerful tool to help your company build brand awareness and promote products and services.

Itís use is only limited by your imaginationÖ

Let us open your eyes to the possibilities of producing fantastic plastic.

Plastic - A Truly Versatile Material

There are few materials as versatile as plastic. This versatility gives it the ability to be tailored to meet very specific technical needs. Itís both durable and water and chemical resistant. Plastic has good safety and hygiene properties for food packaging, excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties and is relatively inexpensive to produce. It is available in a wide selection of unusual textures and vivid colours.

So, whether itís a tough weather-resistant material for exterior point of sale, a durable membership card, or stunning packaging, plastic always performs well.

As plastic experts we will guide you through your plastic projects from beginning to end. We can offer advice on what works well and finishing processes required; including die cutting, varnishing, laminating, trimming, hand finishing, welding, foil blocking and gluing Ė you name it, we can make it happen.

Advanced Printing Presses

Komori Lithrone 28 pressOur Komori presses can print up to six colours in one pass. They have been specially built with high spec UV inter-decked curing systems and anti-marking rollers. Our state of the art computer to plate system (CTP) gives fastidious control over dot gain and produces precise plates (up to 3556dpi and 450lpi) at high speeds. When working with intricate lenticular work this equipment is essential for the production of the breath taking creations we achieve.

Reflex also Screen print. So if your design is looking for gloss UVs, fluorescents, phosphorescents, 4 c/p, glitter or many more specialist effects we do that too. Here at Reflex, we can screen sizes of up to 1150 x 780mm using a dot ratio of up to 85lpi. We have multi-option curing systems including UV/IR/warm air/air extraction and oxidising racking. The benefits of having all services running side by side means that we are able to offer seamless combinations of the two, giving great effects and some really interesting results.

And now.... for those projects that require the high definition and quality of litho grade images, but are perhaps short runs where turnaround time and price are of essence, we can provide a first class, litho grade DIGITAL print solution. To find out more just click here

Our in house finishing is second to none with a Young Shin die cutter/creaser specially adapted upon purchase with anti scratch and antistatic to accommodate the specialist materials that we use.

 Young Shin die cutter/creaser

Reflex would be happy to discuss your printing requirements. Please donít hesitate to call us on 01892 752888, email sales@reflex-print.co.uk or use the enquiry form on the contact us page.


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