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The STAFIX®STATIC is a revolution in advertising terms – a sticker without any adhesive that stays in place for up to three months and leaves no residue when removed.

The product consists of two layers: a printable, electrically-charged polypropylene film and a PEFC-certified cardboard backer.

This statically-charged sticker material comes in both clear and white and does not bubble on application, ensuring any advert remains clear and easy to read.

And, as we can produce select whites on the clear, using STAFIX®STATIC saves on expensive printing tools too.

Most suitable for short-term temporary indoor advertising, once in place it sticks, on average, for three months on almost any clean and dry surface, especially if it is smooth and non-porous.

Ideal surfaces include glass, marble, wood, plastic and metal, although textiles or other porous surfaces are not suitable.

Easy to apply and able to be removed and used again (although repeated use may decrease the overall lifetime of the stickiness), it is also 100% recyclable and PVC-free.

These qualities make it ideal for many uses, most often POS, advertising, window graphics and campaign and product launches.

STAFIX®STATIC has been used in many popular advertising campaigns, for drinks, ice creams, frozen food, electronics and cosmetics to name but a few. It is also widely used in the banking and insurance sectors.