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The benefits of using double sided stickers


The benefits of using double sided stickers

When you want to communicate more than one image or message, the limits of single-sided stickers become clear.

Handily, this is where our double-sided stickers come into their own, presenting an opportunity for double exposure on glass doors, windows or windscreens using multiple images or promotional messages

Ideal for positioning in newsagents, car windows, shops, stores, bars and restaurants, we offer a range of options in our double-sided sticker range that mean you can have just what you want, just how you need it.

The options in our extensive range include clear self-adhesive, either permanent or in removable vinyl, as well as clear self-cling.

We also offer a white PVC product with a post print adhesive/release paper application to give you as many sticker options as possible.

All are easy to apply, and stay put when in place, making them an excellent choice for POS materials.

The crucial thing to bear in mind when using two-sided stickers is that to ensure strong, vibrant, eye-catching and unconfused imagery on both sides of clear material, so that the advert or promotion can feature as intended, you need to prevent show through.

Never fear, we are experts in this (as with printing in general), and we can do this for you effortlessly at a competitive price.

To achieve this Reflex run a three-level screen opaque process to ‘block out’ the underside print. A screen white, then silver then white again, creates an opaque base onto which a second colour set can be laid. The completed sheet will have passed through our presses five times :- Colour ‘in reverse’,  W-S-W, Colour ‘right reading’, resulting in an excellent opacity double-sided decal.

Because we carry out all of this work in house, we are able to maintain excellent control over quality and economy, while producing a flexible range of stickers.

This is an advantage widely envied by our competitors, who cannot offer this.

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We’ve received all of the deliveries and having looked at the file copies, I’m really impressed. Great print quality and the morph is so clear.

Thanks so much for turning this around in really restricted timescales – I appreciate all of your team’s efforts.

Kate, Tag Worldwide