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Ultimate precision with our CAD cutting equipment


Ultimate precision with our CAD cutting equipment

There are many areas where computers either assist or are employed to perform tasks more efficiently than humans can alone. For Reflex precision cutting is one such area.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems provide Reflex the means to deliver quick, efficient and accurate solutions to a high quality standard much faster than practical cutting by hand.

Reading using magic eye camera recognition, our CAD driven equipment achieves near perfect registration. The flexibility to process complex, intricate shapes makes this ideal for cutting short run digital prints or prototypes. An added advantage of this technology is that it maximises material yield, thus minimises waste which by nature is better for the environment & saves money. A Win – Win scenario.

Equipped with a wide range of specialty heads our cutting equipment can be fine tuned to suit each specific material.  Matching the tool, to appropriate speed and power settings enables the flexibility to output excellent results, every time, onto a vast range of substrates.

The most popular use of our CAD cutting is the conversion of printed mock-ups. Clients benefit the option of producing fully decorated and cut articles. Providing the opportunity to check every aspect of design ensures complete client satisfaction, confident in the knowledge that everything appears & performs as intended and ‘before’ committing to full production.

Key benefits that CAD driven technology offers over manual hand cutting.

Machine running is efficient; it delivers a consistent standard of quality for prototype, mass production or repeat run, it is more economical and the likelihood of human error is minimised.

Best of all, combined these factors ensure we can maintain control over production and keep cost down.