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Why you should be using Merchandising Strips


Why you should be using Merchandising Strips

Merchandising strips are great accessory display tool that help to engage customers with products at the point of sale and make them irresistible to buy.

By placing these eye-catching strips in strategic positions, the visibility of any product is improved substantially, which in turn significantly boosts the levels of impulse purchasing.

For example, having a Merchandising strip selling batteries next to electronic goods reminds the customer they will need some before use, and gives them a quick and easy way to buy them, without having to search the store. This in turn makes it very hard for them to refuse the brand on the clip strip.

A job where we produced a strip for some nutritional seeds, which was placed in a yoghurt aisle as the two products naturally go well together, was also very successful. The seed sales improved because of their proximity to the yoghurt when they might not even have been seen in their normal shelf space in the health food section of a store.

As new restrictions are coming in covering the sale of certain items at till points, merchandising strips will become one of only a few ways to independently promote products.

We can make merchandising strips from standard designs or design them to suit your specific product and display needs. As they are normally only in-store for short periods of time, we produce them on recyclable materials for maximum environmental benefit.

Here at Reflex, we also offer order fulfilment so we can either supply products boxed individually or load the strips ready for distribution to stores.