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Our plastics unwrapped

Plastic is an incredibly versatile and durable substrate whose long-lasting and water resistant qualities mean it is highly in demand in areas where other materials would wither quickly. As experts in the printing and use of plastics, we are always happy to advise on the best substrate for your needs, with the most common ones we recommend described below:

This versatile substrate comes in a wide range of colours, opacities, weights and textures, making it ideal for a variety of presentation materials, packaging and bespoke items.

Extremely hard wearing, it withstands extremes of temperature as well as aging and is easily wiped down. Its durability means it has a long life cycle and when used for packaging can often be used more than once, making it very cost effective as well as environmentally friendly. All polypropylene used at Reflex is entirely recyclable, meeting the manufacturing requirements of the Environmental Commission.

A non-PVC material, it is completely clear which makes it ideal for packaging where a product needs to be seen on display. Used extensively in our lenticular processes because of its quality and clarity, it is one of the most environmentally-friendly substrates of the plastics family.

Predominantly available as white, translucent and clear, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is extremely cost-effective as well as versatile. Whether you need a rigid shape, semi rigid or the flexible, banner grade, we can advise and guide you. Its opacity makes it good for double-sided work with limited show-through. The mark-resistant varieties are ideal for floor decals and mouse mats.

A flexible yet durable substrate most frequently used to produce mounted graphics such as stickers, it can be either clear and white. It is often used with a self-adhesive reverse and backing sheet which can be either permanent or removable. The use of UV inks means they don’t suffer from sun damage and have the same shelf-life as non UV-printed items. Vinyl can also be used to produce self cling stickers, which don’t use adhesive and can be peeled off leaving no residue and then can be reused.

Two exciting new products that offer a great alternative to sticks as they leave no residue when removed:

STAFIX®STATIC is a adhesive -free statically-charged sticker ideal for temporary indoor advertising. The film, which comes in clear or white, adheres to almost any clean surface and is easily removable without leaving residue. Find out a little more here.

STAFIX®GRIP is a removable and reusable sticker that is easily applied to clean and smooth surfaces. The film has a silicone-based low-tack adhesion which leaves no residue when removed, and also comes in clear and white. Find out a little more here.

Reflex specialises in printing on synthetic substrates, this is made possible by using UV inks with specialised machines that have integrated drying lamps. The popular choices including Mirri boards/foils, holographic materials in a wide variety of colours and designs, as well as display materials such as Yupo™, Stafix™ and Polyesters products. There are many new materials being released all the time so keep an eye out on our news feed and innovations page.

Many clients now have a PVC free policy and because of this we have put together a special ‘PVC free’ sample pack with many of our innovative ideas and materials within.

We have a great selection of Non PVC based materials, which have a far lower grade carbon footprint and are better for the environment compared to other materials.

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