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Great design, great effects

Our client, Fluid, shared their creative concepts for an ultra premium limited edition media kit for the Sony Playstation game The Last of Us and asked if we could bring them to life.

Part of the pack needed to look like a piece of dirty glass complete with bullet hole and radiating cracks andshards. So before they had got as far as artwork they consulted Reflex on how to approach the project. We love a challenge and got to work on transforming Fluid’s idea into something real. Working closely with them the solution was achieved through some very intricate pre-production skills where each colour, including white, was separated so that we could run a series of strength test proofs to see which achieved the bullet hole effect most convincingly.

These tests enabled them to develop the correct artwork. The combination of the carefully applied white ink and the transluscency of the plastic material really did achieve a lifelike bullet through glass effect.

The end result is a perfect example of how an imaginative design can be brought to life through printing on plastics. You can view the project success on Fluid’s website – the game went on to win over 200 “Game of the Year” awards.

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Reflex really helped bring our initial concept to life; their expertise and know-how ensuring a distinctive and collaborative solution, that got great feedback from recipients.

Paul Whitaker, Fluid