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Kinkajou Production Ltd

Finding a solution for Kinkajou

A company called Kinkajou Production Ltd approached us as they wanted to replace their current supplier and material to a more specialist substrate. After being disappointed with their first choice, they came to us.

The original job had been screen printed as specials on to a grey Dutch board material with a simple screen printable artwork. They had then tried another supplier to get these digitally printed, but with a very poor first production run with quality and colour related problems they then came to us.

To show the range of options available, we produced a showcase of colours with varying breakdowns of % used to build the spot colour from CMYK and printed these onto a grey material, giving the client 10×10 options to choose from – 100 in total.

These test sheets were also created using different variations of colour density, speed and RIP style, as well as across a range of material owing to vast colour variation across manufacturers of grey foamalux.

Having seen all the available variations, the client was then able to select a successful colour match of digital CMYK, with matt laminate on to a grey 3mm foamalux without a white underpin.

This proofing process of a wide range of digitally created colours allowed us to achieve a successful colour, onto a material that did distort the original printed CMYK colour.  We matched the corporate Wrangler colours and previous screen-printed jobs by carefully approaching the job and all the problems and inconsistencies that may occur.

Once we had agreed the new profiles, these were stored so that we would be able to adapt future artworks and ensure that they were printed to the correct colours using our new Wrangler profiles and CMYK % breakdowns.

The new solid colours were so vibrant that even though they were a digital-printed CMYK version, and we printed detailed photos of the product, the jeans to almost litho quality.

We're very pleased with how everyone at Reflex handled this project for us. The Wrangler POS items required extra care and attention to detail, Reflex were the perfect supplier for us to work with on this type of work.

Matt Reddings, Director