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Lenticular Printing

Lenticular Printing, Expand your creative horizons

Lenticular Printing is a special way of printing on a lens to give amazing effects, as a result, help create a real wow factor.

The illusion of motion, depth and flips created through the use of special profiled plastic lenses, therefore produce a variety of stunning and mesmerising effects.

Reflex work with the most popular and creative techniques, as a result, we deliver striking and imaginative prints that are sure to grab attention and stand out from the crowd wherever they are used.

We are experts at getting the most from this clever process. Lenticular printing can seem complicated if you are not experienced, consequently you need to come to the professionals.

Over 30 Years experience print Lenticular.

With over 30 years of experience, consequently, we have produced some of the best lenticular work for our customers.

There are a huge variety of different lenses you can use. Because of this we use only the best lenses available and have work with companies such as DP Lenticular for a number of years to give our customers the best possible quality.

Reflex have created an artwork guide for lenticular print which you can read here.

Finally, nothing beats seeing lenticular print in person but you can see the effect examples below.

Lenticular Printing as 3D image gives an incredible effect.

Created by offsetting various image layers at different increments, providing viewers with the visual illusion of seeing in 3D.

As a result when the image is viewed from various positions, because light is being refracted in different angles, our eyes see different results as they adjust and register depth perception.

Stand out Visual Effects

Therefore this leads to a dynamic visual effect, a powerful interaction between the viewer and the message the design is presenting.

If you’re interested in finding out more about 3D lenticular then please get in touch. Where possible, the earlier we are involved the more spectacular the final product will be.

Two or more images are flipped between as the viewer or product moves.

This is the most common form of lenticular, used to show changes to an item or to present more than one message in a single space.

Simple Designs Work Best with Flips

Less is usually more to showcase this, and prints can either be horizontal or vertical.

For handhold items, a horizontal flip with 2-4 frames is best as both eyes receive the image simultaneously.

Posters and POS materials, which are a common flip use, are designed for walk-by viewing where a two flip side-to-side activation is optimal.

We can stitch a number of images together to give the appearance of an animation.

Three to twelve images works best with a standard lens.

Seamless Animation

A continuous movement can be achieved by the final image looping back to the start.

We can use our specialist lens to produce segments of video footage using significantly more images for an enhanced effect.

A morph merges one image seamlessly into another, Pussy Cat to Big cat.

Our specialised software separates two images, splitting them into multiple stages which are then interlaced together creating a morph.

Quality Concepts work best

The content and quality of the original artwork is crucial to the success of the end product.

If you are interested in this process please refer to our lenticular artwork guide or

call us for advice and guidance.

We love this effect so much that we use it on the Reflex business card!

We create a multiple animation with up to 70 images so that the final result seems to stretch on forever.

Again, please talk to us about artwork needs if you would like to use this technique.

Finally our zoom lenticular is created in the same way as an animation, using 6-12 images.

Each is scaled incrementally as a result this gives the impression of the image growing or shrinking as the lens is moved.

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We’ve received all of the deliveries and having looked at the file copies, I’m really impressed. Great print quality and the morph is so clear.

Thanks so much for turning this around in really restricted timescales – I appreciate all of your team’s efforts.

Kate, Tag Worldwide